Meet the Team

The Staff at Blue Sage Veterinary Wellness Center

In addition to our talented holistic veterinarians, the team at Blue Sage would not be complete without our talented office staff!

Katherine Koenig – Practice Manager

Katherine is our practice manager at Blue Sage. She started her education earning her BA in Animal Science with a concentration pre-veterinary medicine at the University of Delaware, and since graduation, has been working in the veterinary health industry for 9+ years.

Not only does she handle all of our office administrative duties with ease, Koenig play plays an important part in a variety of additional roles, including assisting our patients and triaging phone calls.

Kate embodies a mindset that good leadership is based on respect and empathy, as she strives to make Blue Sage a place where all feel welcome and secure. She believes that the patient, owner, doctor and staff all play an integral and collaborative role in achieving wellness.

Katherine lives with her husband Sean, and menagerie of animals including a German Shepherd, three cats, a tarantula and four chickens. In her spare time she enjoys working in their garden, composting and sewing.

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