Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness for Animals

Holistic wellness is an ongoing lifestyle choice and approach to health care that aims to identify and treat the root cause of an ailment, not just the issue or disease itself, or it’s symptoms. Holistic practitioners understand that all systems within an organism are connected as a whole, and that obtaining true optimal health for your pet begins with the commitment to a balanced and healthy lifestyle that nourishes both mind and body. All procedures within the practice are gentle, non-invasive, stress-free, and work toward providing your pet with the right tools to promote self-healing.

The Holistic Balance

The goal of holistic wellness is to find the perfect balance within your pet that allows him the best quality of life possible. This includes a nutritional diet, a healthy exercise routine, a stable environment and exceptional mental and physical health. It’s about being proactive and giving your pet’s body the best opportunity to function at its most efficient level possible, both before and when an issue should arise.

In order to help you balance your pet, Blue Sage needs to know everything that is weighing in on your pet’s health. Expect to spend a bit more time in our office as we get to know more about your pet than you would at your general practitioner’s. Holistic health capitalizes on a much more complete picture of a patient’s health.

The Extraordinary Benefits of Holistic Veterinarians

Preventative Measures:

Aside from getting a pet spayed or neutered, or their initial round of vaccines, many owners only take their pets to the vet when they become sick.

Not only do holistic vets look to address the issues at hand, they work to proactively prevent health issues from ever occurring in the first place.

Curing the cause, not just the symptoms

Many general practitioners cure their patients by treating the disease they have and it’s symptoms.

Not only do holistic modalities work to do just that, they take it one step further to address and eliminate the imbalances in your pet’s body that caused the issue in the first place.

Overall health improvements

While Western medication tends to specifically target the issue at hand, because holistic medicine targets the animal as whole, the benefits of treatment are extended to a pet’s entire well being. This helps to improve the quality of life and overall health in an animal, and even works to prevent future issues from occurring.

A Natural Approach

The treatments used in holistic medicine are as natural and beneficial to your pet as Mother Nature. No harsh chemicals or medications with unfortunate side effects. In fact, the only side effect you’ll see is increased pet health and happiness.

Non-Invasive & Stress Free

Holistic medicine believes an animal’s mental health is just as important as his physical health. It places a strong emphasis on how a pet feels during treatment. For this reason all treatments in holistic practices are non-invasive, virtually pain free, and completely stress free. In fact, may animals will even find them therapeutic or relaxing!

Unparalleled Bedside Manner

One of the most wonderful benefits of holistic vets is the emphasis and prioritization they put on empathy as well as patient comfort and stress levels during treatments and exams. The vets involved in the practice go the extra mile to provide emotional support during the healing process and you won’t find cold, hard, steel exam rooms at most holistic practices. A warm, stress-free, and cozy environment that promotes positive mental energy to your pet is as important to patients as any other aspect of their treatment.

Tailored Treatment Plans and Options

Holistic medicine is not a one-stop shop. Every plan created is specifically tailored and completely unique to the individual needs of every animal. Every part of your pet’s history and current conditions are considered when making decisions on the best treatment options for your pet. Such modalities as acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal remedies, nutritional therapy, acupuncture will all be all be on the table to develop the best possible treatment plan for your pet.

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