Herbal Medicine

Veterinary herbal medicine has been used for centuries. It can treat everything from rashes and stomach issues to cancer and anxiety.

Herbal medicine, including Western and Traditional Chinese, see the individual within a holistic framework, taking into consideration not just the conventional diagnosis, but the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the patient. 

To better serve your pet, we will need to meet them to get a full understanding of their current health. The overall goal is to enhance health and prevent disease rather than just treat the disease per se.  When used appropriately, herbal medicine is as effective as conventional pharmaceuticals, without the side effects when used appropriately. Lucky for you, we are well educated in veterinary herbs and, of course, animals.


Veterinary Herbs and How They Are Used

So, what are herbs? Botanically, they are non-woody flowering plants. However, this stretches to include pretty much any plant that we can use medicinally. For some reason, people think they will have to force their pet to eat green leaves. We all know how our little loved ones can be picky about what they eat, but, luckily, that isn't the case.  Today, you don’t need to grow your own herbs or visit an organic specialist. We have an extensive apothecary in our office. as it’s not a simple as going to the market, buying an herb you think will work to give to your pet. Dosage is extremely important. Understanding breeds and toxicity levels is extremely important when administering veterinary herbs to pets.

Herbs can be administered in easy ways. For instance, wrapped in your pets favorite food, infused into water, or in pill form.  We have discovered many tips and tricks to help administer herbs over our years of veterinary practice.

Common Uses for Veterinary Herbs

Below is a list of common herbs and what they treat. You may recognize some if you have ever invested a little bit of time in holistic remedies for yourself.

  • Ginger - great for upset stomachs
  • Chamomile - it relaxes you pet the same way it relaxes you!
  • Aloe vera - ulcers, wounds,
  • Goldenseal - antibiotic
  • Marshmallow root - diarrhea
  • Milk thistle - liver protection
  • Coriolus versicolor - cancer

Next Steps...

Are you interested in finding out if herbal medicines might be right for your pet? We are ready whenever you are! Let's start the process of getting your beloved friend feeling better using all natural treatments.