At Blue Sage, we believe in treating the animal, not just the disease

About Us:

With our passionate staff, led by Dr. Alexia Tsakiris and Dr. Penelope Rochelle, collaborating over a decade and a half of professional experience, Blue Sage Veterinary Wellness Center is one of few exclusively holistic veterinary practices in New Jersey. By working hand-in-hand with your general practitioner, we offer the best natural and stress-free solutions in whole-body wellness and long-term healing for your pet.

Our Mission:

Our mission to bring holistic wellness to the forefront of health is backed by our staff’s love, commitment and dedication to higher education.  At Blue Sage, our quest for knowledge allows us to continuously offer the best in treatment options and technology, as the team actively works year after year to expand their collective certifications and experience in holistic medicine and veterinary animal sciences.


Why Holistic?  

“Treat the animal, not just the disease.”

While conventional medicine draws strength from it’s immediate treatment of an animal’s condition, it can fall short when it comes to the long-term management of more chronic or underlying issues.

Holistic medicine shines with an ability to improve the self-healing capabilities of an animal that contribute to a pet’s overall health and wellness. It’s modalities and treatments are non-invasive, stress-free and as natural to an animal’s body as Mother Nature. By taking a step back to look the larger picture and address your pet’s wellbeing as a whole, we are not only able to help identify and treat the actual cause of a disease, but aid in long-term prevention, recovery and symptom alleviation as well.

Our Approach

At Blue Sage, we believe that a balanced integration of holistic therapies with conventional medicine is the best approach in achieving optimal pet health. Humble beginnings in conventional practices and extensive training and understanding in both Western and Eastern medicine is what allows our team the ability to think outside the box, providing a broader spectrum of treatment options than your general vet alone. We do offer treatment that is solely holistic, if you prefer, but will always keep you aware of the benefits of an integrative approach when necessary. Whether you choose to work with your general practice, Blue Sage or both, your pet’s total wellness will always be our biggest priority.

Hand-in-Hand With Your General Practitioner:

As we do not provide many standard veterinary services to our patients, such as vaccines, radiographs, surgery or conventional pharmaceuticals, it is important that we work closely with yours to provide the best treatment options possible. Conventional medicine is needed in many cases to quickly address an immediate issue with your pet, while holistic practices look to provide a more natural, slower, full-body healing that targets the source of the problem and provides a lifestyle of disease or symptom prevention, with an improved overall quality of life.

Many of the best applications of our practices focus on chronic pet issues that cannot or should not be alleviated on an extended basis with conventional practices such as long-term pain management, spine or alignment problems, arthritis, allergies and dietary issues. Holistic modalities are an invaluable addition to conventional treatment options, especially injuries and surgeries due to their ability to naturally alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, increase circulation and promote the body’s own ability to heal itself.

In Place of Conventional Medicine and Practices 

Holistic medicine looks to replace conventional with a natural, healthy approach for long-term health. For example, when it comes to specific issues such as chronic pain relief, it’s not to your pet’s benefit to continue to keep them on a daily pharmaceutical painkiller. Continued use could do more harm to your pet in regard to drug side effects. By enhancing the body’s own abilities to reduce pain and inflammation, or by addressing the internal issues causing the pain in the first place, we look to phase out Western medication or treatments by improving a pet’s natural healing process to take it’s place.

Our Facility

Animal stress levels play an important role in your pet’s wellness, so you won’t find any cold steel tables and blinding florescent lights in our treatment rooms at Blue Sage. We strive to provide a comfortable, calm and peaceful environment for optimal healing. Our décor is designed specifically to be relaxing and inviting to both our patients and their owners in hopes that our clinic feels more like their home than a hospital.

Meet Our Veterinarians

Dr Alexia Tsakiris


Dr. Brianna Stafford

Dr Brianna Stafford, DVM, CVA

What We've Achieved in 2017

Our Most Recent Achievements:

Our passion and dedication to continued education is what allows our team at Blue Sage to continue to bring the best in holistic wellness and treatment options to all of our patients.

We’re proud to celebrate our most recent academic achievements:

  • Dr. Tsakiris joined the faculty of the CIVT and gave her first webinar in December
  • Kate is taking business management classes
  • Dr. Stafford finished her acupuncture course in December
  • Dr. Rochelle is pursuing her interest in functional neurology
  • Meagan is working towards her Reiki certification
  • Vicky has completed her diet formulation class