Holistic Approach to Your Pet's Health

You can make a difference in your pet's health! We take a whole body holistic approach and treat the animal, not just the disease.

By looking at the current patterns of disharmony, we are better able to address the underlying issue, thereby allowing the body to function at its optimum level.  Speak with one of our talented veterinarians on staff to see how you can take a preventive, holistic approach to your pet's health.



Find out about our doctors, team, mission, our methods, and the results of our years of practice.

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Spinal Manipulation

The spinal column houses the spinal cord. Everyday motion will cause subluxations over time even in our most sedate of pets.

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Holistic Wellness

A wellness exam includes not just a physical exam, but also takes into account the mind and spirit.

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Herbal Medicine

Western and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Integrative Food Therapy

Food is medicine! We have all heard it for ourselves and it is no exception for our pets.

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Energy Balancing

Energy flows through every single living being. The balance of energy influences you and your pet's well being.

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Next Steps...

Interested in learning more about holistic veterinary medicine and how it can benefit and heal your pet?  Please call our office and schedule a consultation today!